Robert Earl Houston

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Robert Earl Houston, 59, is the pastor of the Mercy Seat Missionary Baptist Church of St. Louis, Missouri. He is married to the former Jessica Georgette (Anderson) Houston of Sacramento, California. He is the son of the late Naomi and the late Minister Phene Houston.

Pastor Houston is a native of Portland, Oregon.  He matriculated through the Portland Public School system and has a Bachelor’s Degree from Mt. Carmel Theological Seminary of Fresno, California. He’s studied at Portland State University, Multnomah School of the Bible, American Baptist Seminary of the West, Golden Gate Theological Seminary, Cuyamaca Community College and is currently enrolled in the Master’s program at Andersonville Theological Seminary.

Pastor Houston was raised in Portland and began his journey with the Lord at the Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church, the late Rev. Sylvester McCullumn, Pastor, where he participated in the youth department activities. He was led to the Lord at a Bible Camp in 1976 by Rev. Bruce Andrews. It was there he surrendered his life to Christ. In 1976 he united with New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, Rev. A. Bernard Devers, I, Pastor.

During high school, he excelled on the Speech/Debate Team, Journalism (newspaper, yearbook, and Time-Out Sports magazine) and was a radio sports announcer (football, basketball) for Radio Station KBPS 1450 AM.

Pastor Houston began playing the organ in 1977 and then in December of that same year, he was called to preach the Gospel. Pastor Houston preached his first sermon on April 30, 1978, and licensed to preach by New Hope and Pastor Devers in September 1979. He served as Co-Interim Pastor of New Hope in 1984 and was ordained in December under Pastor Johnny Pack, IV., whom he assisted in the planting of Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church.

He has served congregations in Oregon, California, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

On November 18, 2017, he was called to the pastorate of Mercy Seat Missionary Baptist Church. He began his duties there on December 4, 2017 and the future is in the hands of the Lord. As Pastor Houston says, “The Lord is kind…”

He is presently the organist of the Missionary Baptist Ministers Union of St. Louis, member of the Berean Missionary Baptist District Association, member of the Missionary Baptist State Convention of Missouri and member of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Incorporated. In addition he is a member (and past New Music Seminar and Mass Choir devotional leader) of the Gospel Music Workshop of America and is a member of the St. Louis Gospel Choral Union (Dorsey Convention).

Pastor Houston has preached across the United States inclusive of Churches, State Conventions, District Associations, District Congresses, State Congresses, National Congresses, and other fellowships. In addition, he has been quoted in several periodicals and online web magazines including the Morehouse School of Religion and was recently quoted by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Tx.) on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives as she gave tribute to the late Dr. A. Louis Patterson, Jr.

He has been honored with the Key to the City of Fresno, California; honored with a "Robert Earl Houston" Day in San Diego from the late Councilman George Stevens; named as a "Kentucky Colonel" and "Arkansas Traveler."

Denominational work has always been important to him and is currently serving in various capacities – as a Vice Moderator, State President, General Secretary of two District Association, Ministers Conference Chairman, Editor and Chairman of the American Baptist newspaper.

In addition Pastor Houston served as the following:
– Creator/Writer for “The Wire” blog at
– Contributing Writer for
– Contributing Writer for “The Bishop” Online Magazine.
– Author of “See You In The Morning” a collection of funeral sermons preached from the pulpit of First Baptist Church, available via Amazon, Kindle and iBooks.

By the way, they have one cat – “Coco” that was adopted from Lexington, Kentucky from an animal shelter.

First Lady and Youth Director

Jessica Georgette Houston


Chairman of Deacons & Bus Driver

Otto Hooks


Church Treasurer

Samuel Williams


Assistant Treasurer

Henry Keys


Financial Secretary

Cheryl Morris

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Assistant Financial Secretary

Willistine Bolden



Laura Thomas

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Announcing Clerk

Shaire Duncan

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Courtesy Clerk

Rukiya Preyor

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Anthony Crate

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James Williams

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Charles Henderson

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Director of Christian Education

Paula Huggins-Chalk

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Sunday School Superintendent

Marvin Daniels

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Youth Director

Mary Ann Crate

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Prayer Leader

Jearlean Rhine

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Raymond Perry

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James Jones

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June Strong

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Tuesday Night Bible Teacher

Relda Owens-Mathews


Minister of Music

Rodney Mobley

Senior Musician

Felicia Miller-Harris



Cameron Crate

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Roland Travis

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